Ness Botanic Gardens - Liverpool University

Brand evolution and marketing

Before we started on the rebrand of Ness botanic gardens, the first thing we did was send one of the team to spend some time on-site with their family. We took 2 adults and 2 small children, one of the gardens target audiences for the Ness team, to build our own picture of the Ness gardens offering.

What we found was that Ness Botanic gardens is a beautiful, tranquil place with masses to offer. Its heritage creates a natural pull for some visitors, such as the ‘Friends of Ness’, who demonstrate a lot of love for the gardens and want to retain its purpose and standard. So, it became apparent that Ness receives a lot of revisits from its existing customers, who know the place intimately, but the team at Ness had aspirations to reach new audiences from neighboring counties.

Visual identity and Customer journey

We advised the team to update their photography, to include more imagery of the audience they wanted to connect with. Since their existing photography and marketing material was very ‘Gardeners world’, which wasn’t helping to sell the features available beyond the gardens. We felt it necessary to show more of the audiences they were trying to attract within the photography of the attractions, activities, and gardens.

The brand evolution started with two initial concepts to show how the new identity works across different marketing campaigns and target audiences. The client brief was to retain the feel of Ness while bringing much-needed consistency and creative flexibility to allow the Ness team to target new audiences.

The Result

Since the brand evolution was signed off, we continue to deliver campaigns and assets for both print and digital channels.

We are currently reviewing all on-site signage and event communication in preparation for a busy Spring-Sumer in 2019.

“For our commercial marketing, Starbots Creative is a member of the team. They understand what their clients are trying to achieve.”

Marcus Wilson - Head of Commercial Marketing, Liverpool University


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