The Salvation Army


From attracting new volunteers to inspiring young people in the Christian community, the Salvation Army is a charity with many different objectives throughout each year. Through targetted campaigns, they require an array of different assets that appeal to different sectors of their audience. All while working within their established umbrella brand.

Our ongoing supportive relationship with the Salvation Army includes interpreting their briefs and creating resources that they can use within their campaigns. There are multiple challenges that we must overcome for the client – from remaining within the umbrella brand guidelines to emotionally connecting with their campaign target audience.

How could this charity run targetted campaigns within their umbrella brand guidelines?

With comprehensive branding guidelines and established logomark, our graphic designers creatively work within these remits to create varying and unique campaign resources. Campaign deliverables can vary hugely from one to another, and therefore the resource style can vary hugely too – but it must remain within the umbrella brand guidelines. Fortunately, from typography to stock images, we have a lot of creative ways that we can stretch the campaign’s potential – without dishonouring the Salvation Army’s umbrella brand.

Overall, our approach is thorough. We take time to not only understand the brief but to analyse and question it – to ensure we create the very best resources for successful marketing campaigns. The position of trust we now hold means we can proactively offer our own solutions – such as rewording content and advising on how it is displayed.

“Work has been consistently delivered on time, or early. The team scrutinised our brief and comes back with concepts that reflect our aims and objectives”

Matt Little - Resource Coordinator , Salvation Army

“Things couldn't have gone smoother [...] Even with the short and fast-paced time scales [the] artwork looks fantastic and the design brief was captured and interpreted so well.”

Christine Andres-Vinod - Resource Coordinator, The Salvation Army


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