The power of colour!

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

The power of colour!

Everything has a colour and of course everyone has their own preferences as to what colours they love and the ones they just can’t stand.

Here at starbots we come across the power of colour more than most! We deal with colour choices and combinations all day everyday. It’s our job to put together colour pallets that work together to represent a brand and create a certain feel for our clients.

So while I was browsing all things design online I came across an interesting study by the research agency GFK ! They’d been given the task of finding the Ugliest colour in the world by the Australian Government !

Now this may sounds like a ridiculous task however the reasoning behind it is actually really interesting. It was all part of a new marketing campaign to put smokers off buying cigarettes. GFK showed more then 1,000 smokers a large range of colours in order to determine which hue turned them off the most , and the unfortunate winner was the unlucky Pantone 448 C!

This information was then passed of to the Australian Government who will now be using it, along side all the standard safety warnings on every packet of cigarettes sold in Australia. The aim is to put people off purchasing them. This is something very unusual in the marketing world, actually trying to make a product unappealing! This interesting tactic has taken off already with other countries across the world already adopting similar methods and studies.

After reading this study we know what colour we’re definitely going to cross off our lists! The ugliest colour in the world.

Take a look eugh! ….