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Camden Council and the London Resettlement Partnership are focused on reducing child reoffending rates in the Youth Justice sector. 

They want to reframe the way that resettlement support is delivered for children, by educating youth practitioners on a new theory of change called, Constructive Resettlement.


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65% of children released from custody reoffend.

– Youth Justice Board, Ministry of Justice

The context

The Youth Justice Board is championing Constructive Resettlement as the theory of change for the sector. The theory centres around enabling positive identity development in children.

Research shows that achieving a positive identity shift in a child, has a direct impact on reducing reoffending and helping them lead a constructive future with sustained, positive outcomes.

Existing information and guidance on how to implement Constructive Resettlement was predominantly in the form of research papers and academic publications. These weren’t suitable for busy practitioners, who needed bitesize, digestible resources. There also wasn’t a central place or resource hub for practitioners to refer to for help implementing Constructive Resettlement into their everyday work. This meant that key messages on the theory were diluted and disjointed.

“Starbots Creative have helped us develop something unique within the sector. They have truly brought our work to life.”

– Louise Wakelin, London Resettlement

Creating a unique resource hub

We created a new, dedicated Constructive Resettlement website as a central resource hub for all practitioners working with children in the youth justice system.

Our creative team established a distinctive visual identity for the new website to make sure every piece of content and touchpoint had a consistent look and feel, reinforcing the credibility of the site and its content.

After creating a priority list of resources, we assessed the existing research publications and began translating complex findings and key messages into bitesize content that was more accessible for practitioners.

Stakeholder consultation with experts and practitioners was key here to make sure we preserved the principles of the theory, while developing a more engaging tone for the new resources. Our content and design teams produced a range of digestible resources to communicate these key principles and messages, including a series of training animations.

We interviewed key stakeholders in a structured way, to create videos that showed the voice and credibility of the experts behind the theory. Through post production we structured footage into bitesize sections, breaking down each element of Constructive Resettlement for busy practitioners. Our content team developed first-hand case studies to share the real experiences of practitioners and children.

Success in numbers and words

Camden Council and The London Resettlement Partnership wanted to reach practitioners and Operations Managers within the Youth Justice Sector, of which there are approximately 4,700.

Within the first two months of launching, we achieved:

"Starbots Creative have showed real professionalism, as well as the ability to quickly understand complex research and communicate how it can support our practice."

– Louise Wakelin, London Resettlement

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