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Follwells Estate Agents and Surveyors

Follwells are Independent Estate Agents operating from our home town of Newcastle-Under-Lyme. They're founded on providing the highest level of service to make the experience of moving house an exceptional one for ther clients.

With rising competition from online estate agents, Follwells needed to revolutionise their brand and develop a new marketing strategy to maintain their market share. They tasked us with providing monthly marketing services on a retained basis, which included seasonal advertising campaigns and marketing services alongside an annual content strategy.

A full rebrand and an annual marketing strategy focusing on measurable results. The impact? We generated more leads year-on year and significantly contributed to the delivery of the most profitable years in the business' history.

On a retained basis we support Follwells with:

+ Visual identity
+ Digital campaigns
+ Analytics & reporting
+ Content strategy and creation
+ Social media marketing

Over the preview 12 month period, we achieved a 19.9% increase in website sessions and increased Facebook followers by 17.55% leading to the businesses most successful year to date.

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“As a team they offer so much more than just creative design, taking a holistic approach to consider how one single design element of sales collateral fits with our strategy, message and customer journey.”

Tom Follwell, Managing Director Follwells Independent Estate Agents

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