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Synectics Solutions

Synectics Solutions deliver fraud and financial crime prevention solutions across 14 countries. Using some of the latest software and data modelling techniques, they develop applications and data solutions that allow their clients to analyse their data for timely and reliable intelligence.

Develop the brand to position Synectics Solutions as an innovative, and professonial expert within a forward-thinking and complex industry. As part of their growth strategy, the team at Synectics wanted a brand that enabled them to visually present their industry-leading knowledge and insight. It was important that the new brand offered an effective route to explain complicated elements of the industry in a succinct, meaningful way.

A full rebrand to portray the Synectics values and ambition, hitting their objective around visualising intricate elements of the industry. We supported brand development by completing an in-depth discovery of their complex industry.

Partnering with Synectics as their brand guardians, we continue to deploy and oversee the new brand across a range of digital and print assets, including:
+ Web design
+ Online and offline creative resources
+ Copywriting
+ Web management and optimisation

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Synectics Connect Vulnerability cover
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“They’re a joy to work with – they started by designing a new logo and have gone on to help us create a whole new company image.”

Rosie Shanahan, Director Synectics Solutions

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Synectics Main Brochure spread

“They consistently exceed our expectations in all aspects of design – and in delivering to tight deadlines.”

Simon Booth, Marketing Manager Synectics Solutions