Rebranding: Six questions to ask before you start

At some point a company will face a rebrand. For some it comes early on once they have truly discovered what they are about, for others it comes after several years having outgrown the initial brand. Rebranding is an opportunity to be innovative and exciting, but without an understanding of the branding process the influence of new visual assets will be lost. We have put together six questions you need to ask before you start:

1. What do you want to achieve?

Go back to the beginning, remind yourself of your core values in order to make sure these are not lost when updating the brand. This can be simply “Why are we in business?” or “What do we want to achieve in the company’s life time?”

2. Who is your Target Audience?

Although your rebrand shouldn’t try to please everyone (because you likely never will) it is important that you are thinking about your target audience or ideal client. Have you created a real profile or avatar of your target audience? With this you can ensure that all literature generated from the rebrand is targeted. This will validate that your new brand appeals to them.

3. What Works and What Doesn’t?

Really assess your current brand and reminding yourself of why you are rebranding in the first place, where is your current brand letting you down? What is it that you want to retain from your brand if anything?

4. Do you have a consistent brand message?

Have you considered all visual aspects of your brand? For example your logo is not just your logo, it’s everything that is associated with your company graphically. Take careful consideration of colours, fonts, marketing materials and imagery – these will all need to be updated within your rebrand. From this you will need to update your photography, vehicles, signage and company stationary to ensure the impact of the rebrand is not lost.

5. When do you want to launch?

When will you want your new brand in place? Are you going to launch it with a complete set of marketing materials, and do you want all your design collateral ready for that date? Be mindful that it will take time to redesign your stationary, marketing material and to completely re-skin everything including your website. You will need to take this into consideration when compiling your timeline and deadlines. Try to avoid long-term marketing campaigns with your old brand if you know you will be launching a new brand soon

6. Where are you going with your brand?

Think about the future. It’s important that your brand works in the present but will also work for you in the future. Where are you aiming to be in the next 5-10 years, how can you make sure your brand will still be relevant then? Try to avoid ‘trendy’ design features and stick to design with longevity.

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