You Want More Profitable Recognition

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Thinking about how your brand is perceived is a key part of crafting a successful marketing strategy for your business. Here are a few short steps you can take to assess how people look at you and what you do – all of them will lead to business-winning recognition and respect, both from clients and competitors.

Step 1: Identify your target market

Marketing strategies that target a specific group are much more successful. This year Evian announced that they won’t be running their ad campaign on television, and instead are partnering with Snapchat – a move that shows awareness of the habits of the young demographic they’re trying to reach.

Step 2: Get a leg-up

Strategies are tough to crack, and choosing an agency to help behind the scenes is a strong move that industry leaders are taking advantage of. Even in companies large enough to have their own internal marketing resource, calling in the experts to lend their experience has proven to create a significant competitive advantage within the market. Choosing the right design agency is its own challenge – here’s some advice on how to check you’ve found the one that’ll get the job done.

Step 3: Set yourself apart

Investigate the competition and figure out what makes you different from them. If you aren’t sure what makes you different, put some effort into finding out what your competition lacks – there’s your edge. This is your brand differentiation – it’s what makes you different from the alternatives. It’s the reason why your customers should choose you, and by emphasising that difference through your brand customers will begin to recognise you as unique in the field. It’s not easy to ascertain what your brand’s competitive edge is, but talking with an expert can lead to the answers.

Step 4: Know how your brand is seen within the industry

You want to be seen as an authority by the experts, and that requires some thought. It can be difficult to achieve this quickly, but it’s possible with a bit of work, especially if the right brand strategy is put into place. Achieving this is incredible for your business. For instance, gaming electronics manufacturer Razer positioned themselves as the industry leader within 10 years of the company’s inception by pushing their products into the hands of reputable, centre-stage gamers who had established themselves on YouTube and Twitch. Having experts showcase and recommend their gear catapulted the brand to the head of the field, and it’s been reinforced by their continued presence at the top of recommendation lists like PC Gamer’s list of best gaming mice. Having your brand be recognised as an industry-leader by those in the know should be a part of your brand strategy, and can be done by targeting them in your marketing.

Step 5: Take note of the results

Once you’re implementing a thought-out strategy you need to measure the impact it has – that way you can figure out what’s working in your strategy and what needs changing. Set some goals for six months or a year from now and choose a reasonable way to measure performance in that area. This might be as simple as comparing your sales each month or monitoring how many customers walk through the door, but ultimately that comes down to your business and the strategy you’re implementing. The important part is to set some targets at the beginning and then reevaluate as you go.

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