d.well d.well is an interactive online journal that encourages people to open up about how they’re feeling. Its aim is to help start the conversation. To encourage people to untangle their thoughts and experience a form of release, in the hope that the conversation continues with loved ones, either online or in person. SERVICES – […]


Den Den is an alternative cinema chain that provides a different, more boutique film experience. Den brings you a cinema in an intimate setting, with unique theming, premium food and drink, fewer yet more luxurious seats and a more eclectic selection of films – not to mention special events for the most devoted of film […]

Rooting For Staffordshire

Rooting for Staffordshire The Brand The Challenge The Approach Rooting for Staffordshire is a community-based guerrilla gardening movement all about respecting, loving and maximising the local environment. It seeks to plant community gardens in public spaces and increase biodiversity in smaller green spaces, for example, wild flowers in grass verges and sunflowers against fences. Guerrilla […]


108 The Brand The Challenge The Approach 108 is a sustainable clothing brand, passionate about clothing that’s good for the wearer, communities and the planet. It creates men’s, women’s and kids clothing that feels good and looks good – while doing good. 108’s skin-loving fabrics are made from organic materials and natural dyes, produced by […]

Floating Heads

floating Heads The Brand The Challenge The Approach Floating Heads is an IPA brewery with a goal to embody freedom. Their IPAs are created for easy, casual drinking. Maximum aroma, but minimum bitterness so they are as drinkable but full flavoured as possible. Floating Heads is all about creating a laid-back experience for social drinkers […]

Dirty Helix

Dirty Helix The Brand The Challenge The Approach A contemporary, fast-food brand taking lab-grown meat and creating gourmet burgers that would tempt the most dedicated meat-eater. Yes, it’s environmental, yes, it’s ethical, but this brand wants to position its urban vibe and premium taste to the forefront, enabling it to compete with any traditional meat-based […]


StreetFit The Brand The Challenge The Approach More than ever before, we’re realising the importance of keeping on top of our own health and wellbeing. We wanted to create a brand that incorporates both the urban jungle and getting fit, so you can work out in the fresh air and don’t have to subscribe to […]


Loops The Brand The Challenge The Approach Loops is an apparel brand that produces sustainable but beautifully-designed products. Their aim is to raise awareness of climate change issues – and then support eco-conscious individuals who want to reduce plastic waste & adopt better practices to protect the environment. A brand built on sustainability is fitting […]

Watt Car Magazine

Watt Car Magazine The journey of a stunning editorial car magazine, from conception to launch By 2026 it is estimated that one-fifth of car sales in the UK will be electric. As electric vehicles become less of a futuristic idea and more of a reality, demand for quality information and content is growing. To solve […]


Accessibility Challenge As graphic designers, we should always challenge ourselves. Can we be doing better? Can we be doing something more? Of course, the answer is always yes. And recently that has boiled down to designing for better accessibility – to include a wider audience. From the commercial benefits to simply good morals and ethics, […]