As graphic designers, we should always challenge ourselves. Can we be doing better? Can we be doing something more? Of course, the answer is always yes. And recently that has boiled down to designing for better accessibility – to include a wider audience. From the commercial benefits to simply good morals and ethics, there are many reasons to champion accessibility and inclusivity in design.

So, in this project, we put ourselves as the “client”. We wanted to display our knowledge in a way that could help others in business – whether marketers wanting “to do better marketing” or business drivers passionate about social responsibility. We also wanted to contribute to the design industry – and build on an already growing culture of inclusivity. So our aim was to create an in-depth thought leadership piece focusing on accessible designs for an inclusive culture.

How could we demonstrate our knowledge of accessible design for inclusive marketing?


Talking to our graphic designers, we discussed the broad scope of accessibility and what “disables” users. We challenged ourselves to go past traditional unconscious bias and understand better what disables target audience – from the situational to the temporary. We then drew from our own design experiences and combined it with design industry research.

The finished project was a 7-part e-book. We focused on graphic design to bring our messages to life. Complex in nature, we translated each topic into a user-friendly image-based format  – so the user could easily access the topics. Overall, we created designs that showcased our ability at translating complex messages and maximising accessibility through design.