Hiking is a hobby loved by many. Enthusiasts gather to scale mountains, cross over the country and enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes challenging, always enjoyable – spreading their hiking love is what Apex lives for.

Built on guests blog, useful articles and vital advice, Apex wanted to create an online space that would be the first port of call for hiking enthusiasts.

How can we create an online space that acts as the go-to hub for hiking enthusiasts?


As we understood Apex’s target audience, it was clear that stunning visuals were key to inspiring them – and part of a high-quality content strategy. So we created a parallax website – a technique where background images move past the camera at a slower rate than the foreground content when the user scrolls. This method would allow stand-out hiking photography to be centre stage.


Additionally, well-researched, informing and entertaining content was also central to this blog. Therefore, we also supplied key content pieces – from homepage copy to blog copy – to shape and guide the Apex brand and give it a tone of voice. This was an important element of their brand strategy and vital for communicating with their target audience.