Blooming Potential


Helping others live a life full of contentment is an admirable career choice – and something that puts value back into society. Furthermore, life coaching is not restricted to personal matters – and is a great way for businesses to get the most of their employees. In fact, it’s something that we believe is vital to our business at Starbots Creative.

So, we wanted to help our life coach, Blooming Potential, create and hone a brand that reflected not only their life coaching services – but their approach.

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How could we create a brand identity that communicated this life coach’s personal approach & varied expertise?


Unlike any other projects, we decided to forgo the client brief. Our graphic designers have regular life coaching sessions with Blooming Potential as part of our wellbeing commitment – so we challenged them to interpret the life coaching business by drawing on their personal experiences.

This is completely different from how we ordinarily work. Usually, the brief is the backbone of our graphic designers’ process – and although they challenge the brief while the project develops, our team’s ultimate aim is to fulfil the brief to its best potential. However, in this instance, we felt as clients of both personal and business coaching that our perception had real value. Not only is Blooming Potential’s client perception vital to their business success but we could literally act as both the target audience and the graphic designers – taking a truly user-centric approach.

As our designers concepted their visual identity, we focused on the ‘nature’ side of Blooming Potential – as it’s a central value to the brand. From colour palettes to imagery, we then worked into the designs to create a brand that appealed to Blooming Potential’s diverse target audience – ranging from business owners to individuals, always being careful not to alienate either side.

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