Cultural Mash


A cookbook is a kitchen staple. Serving up inspiration, a cookbook can range from the practical to the indulgent – depending on who you are cooking for. Cultural Mash is a cookbook concept that aims to showcase a celebrity chef, his culture, his ethnicity, his passion and his lifestyle.

We needed to design a cookbook that would attract his target audience. It would need to inspire them to enjoy food as a romantic “date night” setting – championing fresh, organic, authentic food found in local markets.

How do you create a fusion cookbook that inspires ‘date night’ culture?


We focused on the cookbook’s target audience and thought about what they would want and need in a cookbook. From this, we decided on a design led by a very editorial feel, focusing on clean well-designed layouts with clear thought to the reader about the readability and clarity of the recipes.

Focusing on artisan culture, we transformed the humble cookbook through storytelling – allowing the audience to imagine themselves wandering street food markets, tasting fresh food, focusing on recipes and enjoying “date night” with a loved one.

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