Den is an alternative cinema chain that provides a different, more boutique film experience.

Den brings you a cinema in an intimate setting, with unique theming, premium food and drink, fewer yet more luxurious seats and a more eclectic selection of films – not to mention special events for the most devoted of film fans.


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“Den is a feast for all the senses, with opulent décor, gourmet dining and our own boutique cocktail menu.”

The Context

Offering an experience that’s difficult to replicate at home, Den will join the rising movement of independent cinemas that entice people away from the large chain giants and their vast, cold spaces, undesirable food options, little customer service and limited film catalogues.

Den wants to make an occasion of going to the cinema again – as it once was in the golden era of cinema during the 1930s and 1940s. It promises a novel experience, with exceptional attention to detail, fresh gourmet food, an extensive drinks and cocktail menu and luxurious surroundings – an outing worth spending money on.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a visual identity for cinema chain Den to reflect its intriguing, bold and luxurious personality.

It needed to attract film lovers of all ages including singles, couples, friends and families, but with a focus on adults as the decision-makers and ticket-buyers.

Concept One

Sylvie created a concept that reflected the brand name and the cinema’s unique qualities. For Sylvie, it was all about bringing people back to the cinema in a post-pandemic world – to revive the unrivalled cinematic experience. Taking inspiration from the meaning of the word ‘Den’ – “a room or hideout where a person can go to relax” – Sylvie created cave-like shapes with curved edges for the brand typography. It gave the wording ‘other worldly’ vibes to represent the true escapism of cinema.

The branding for large cinema giants seemed dark, masculine and harsh to Sylvie, so she was keen to add a feminine touch to Den. To break the norm, she chose pink and deep forest green as the main brand colours, with additional accent colours within the palette. These colours translated perfectly into the interior, with a luxury and cosy feel.

When creating the advertising campaigns, Sylvie focused on the features of the cinema that set it apart from the larger chains – the food, the bar, the experience. She extracted the shapes she had formed within the typography and added photographs into them, without giving too much away to the audience. The ads were about creating an expectation beyond film, delivering a clear message that was for adults; no sticky seats or spilled popcorn, but a real night out.

Embracing digital, Sylvie created a website for all film fans out there. The films are housed within the graphics, with the brand messaging sitting first to emphasise the importance of the cinema experience. Sylvie created an app for the user to house their tickets and get food and drink delivered to their seat, making the Den experience seamless, relaxing and private.

Concept Two

Kieran started his creative concept by researching the word ‘den’, which unearthed two definitions that connected the word to home. Home is where we find comfort and feel safe. It’s not a place, but a feeling, and this feeling is what Kieran created for Den. A cinematic experience where viewers can be true to themselves, where people can laugh without shyness and ugly cry without judgement.

The bold but soft colour palette has been chosen to reflect the inviting and calm environment of the cinema. Used across the brand logo, advertising campaign and website, the colours would be carried through to the interior of the cinema itself. They would be used for soft furnishings with low lighting to create a cosy vibe.

Covering all audience bases, Kieran has chosen an all-star cast for his billboard design. They feature the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a 1920s Leonardo DiCaprio, and last but certainly not least, one of the most successful sequels of all time – Top Gun Maverick. Kieran has cleverly cut-out the key characters from some of the world’s favourite films and fitted them into Den’s branding, staying in touch with the look and feel of this unique brand.

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