d.well is an interactive online journal that encourages people to open up about how they’re feeling.

Its aim is to help start the conversation. To encourage people to untangle their thoughts and experience a form of release, in the hope that the conversation continues with loved ones, either online or in person.


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“A first step to feeling comfortable talking about your mental health”

The Context

Offering a different way to get things off your chest, d.well provides its users with an online platform to start those difficult conversations. Created to help the ‘loneliest generation’ – Gen Z – its mission is to get more people talking and to change the perception of getting help. And they’ve done this by utilising the audiences’ favoured form of communication – messaging.

Not only does the brand provide a space for users to get their thoughts down on screen and practice how it feels to share them, but it offers advice and messages of support to encourage the continuation of the conversation off screen.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a visual identity for the interactive journal d.well, to reflect its fresh, approachable and friendly personality.

It needed to attract 18–25-year-olds, with a strong focus on community and personal support for better mental health.

Concept One

Lewis created a concept that focused on decluttering the mind and getting all the thoughts off your chest. So, he created a logo that incorporates a drawer – just like those messy drawers we all have at home. It’s about opening up and emptying your mind of any negative thoughts.

For Lewis, it was important to create a welcoming, bright and cheery colour palette. It’s difficult to open up about your feelings, but it’s a lot easier if you feel comfortable and welcomed into the space. d.well aims to offer a retreat for people who need this kind of support, to separate their thoughts from themselves and provide a platform to begin the journey to feeling better.

Concept Two

Kieran’s inspiration for his concept originated from the typing symbol that pops up on messaging apps when somebody is writing a message. It reflects the brand’s service as a whole whilst encouraging people to dwell on what they’re thinking.

For Kieran, it was all about audience engagement, focusing on the people who would benefit from using the d.well service. As well as the online journal, he has created an interactive billboard which encourages people to get negative thoughts off their chest whilst also offering messages of support to anybody who walks by.

He has also thought along the same lines as Lewis with his colour palette. The vibrant, deep blue colour combined with the calming effects of the pink, partnered with a soft and friendly typeface – this creative concept provides a welcoming and safe space for people to open up about their feelings.

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