Discover the evolution of a makeup brand with a deeper message

With much of the media pushing for perfection, one brand wanted to focus on the flaws; or rather they wanted to embrace them. The overarching aim being to inspire everyone to love their skin and to promote body positivity, particularly for those who may have more visible ‘flaws’.  

Sector: Beauty

Client Background: Makeup brand that prides itself on inclusivity, the idea that everyone has flaws and can access products to embrace those imperfections

Target audience: Late teens to more mature adults who want to invest in a high-quality product

Our Expertise:

Graphic Design
Digital Marketing

Brand project: Brand Evolution & Marketing Resources


Define message and evolve brand
Provide product packaging and marketing resources
Create an identity that can be used across multiple mediums

Our approach:

Understand the target audience
Research industry and competition
Create a packaging for makeup related products
Develop and confirm campaign message and tagline
Create marketing resources such as bus stop advertising and social media graphics

Other assets

Website banner, brand awareness campaign and shop window vinyl’s

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