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Floating Heads is an IPA brewery with a goal to embody freedom. Their IPAs are created for easy, casual drinking. Maximum aroma, but minimum bitterness so they are as drinkable but full flavoured as possible.

Floating Heads is all about creating a laid-back experience for social drinkers who want to soak up the atmosphere, day or night. Unapologetically simple and easy. Endless fun without any fuss.

The challenge was to design a visual identity to reflect the Floating Heads philosophy, while also creating appeal and distinction for each of its IPAs. The brand needed a contemporary look and feel to showcase its original flavours to an urban crowd. Evoking a sense of freedom and social relaxation was also key.

For a brand that’s all about freedom, our designer Lewis took a ‘no rules’ approach. He incorporated a combination of techniques, using traditional methods like sketching and lino printing for specific elements, then recreated them in Illustrator.

Floating Heads wants to pair laid-back, effortless socialising with original tempting flavours. This illustrative approach with its non-perfect lines and sense of innocence captures that simplicity and easiness, while really reflecting the fun of the ingredients.

Lewis added depth to the visual identity by using real elements alongside the illustrated elements. This gives a contemporary humour to the design, which suits the social essence of the brand perfectly. 

Phase 2 - The Hazy Daydream Festival

To develop this brand further, Lewis took a closer look into its ethos of laid-back, effortless socialising. Floating Heads is now testing an all-day event – the Hazy Daydream Festival – that includes its range of IPA, food stalls and independent fashion brands, complete with a limited-edition can for the occasion.

A limited-edition can has been created for the event, also named Hazy Daydream. It is packaged in a soft orange and deep blue colour palette, crafted with muted vibes of a late summer’s day when the sun goes down.

These colours define the visual identity of the second phase, appearing across billboards, merchandise and a pop-up bar to showcase the exciting, full flavours that the brand brings to the market.

Lewis has crafted a whole experience for the Hazy Daydream Festival. From a branded pop-up bar to unique menu design, the contemporary look and feel goes back to the heart of the Floating Heads philosophy of endless fun without any fuss.

Phase 1 - Floating Heads

Floating heads Blue Logo
Floating Heads Green and Pink Logo
Floating Heads Bitter Sweet blood Orange
Floating Heads Session IPA
Animation Padding

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