Clean up your foodprint

A hard-hitting campaign showing the effects of meat and dairy consumption on the environment.

Whilst many people are more aware of the environmental effects of consuming meat and dairy; there’s still a lot of work to be done if we truly want to save our planet for future generations. This campaign wanted to hone in on the small changes you can make to your diet which in turn could make a big impact on our planet if we all took part.  


Client Background:
Campaign aiming to encourage consumers to make educated choices on their meat and dairy consumption, in order to help the environment 

Target audience:

Our Expertise:

Graphic Design
Marketing Resources

Brand project: Brand & Marketing Resources

Define message and evolve brand
Provide copy and design for marketing resources
Create a visual identity that can be used across multiple mediums

Our approach:
Understand the target audience
Research industry and competition
Create a campaign that resonates with the target audience
Develop and confirm branding elements such stylisation, font and layout
Create marketing resources such as billboards, bus adverts, printed ad

 Other assets
Create digital marketing campaign

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