IT Details

Discover how this rebranding project elevated this brand to position them higher in their market.

IT details underwent significant growth over the last 7 years and outgrew its current ‘DIY’ brand. They needed to rebrand in order to appeal to a more professional market and to match their updated target audience.

Sector: Information Technology

Client Background: Application packaging technology business that helps clients manage their End User Computing Environment, instilling confidence and reducing IT failures on-site for their clients.

Target audience: Business professionals in IT
Our Expertise: Branding, Logo, Visual Identity, Marketing Resources

Brand Project: Logo Evolution & Marketing Resources



– Define role and evolve brand
– Provide fit for purpose resources
– Create a visual identity that can be used across multiple mediums

Our approach:

– Understand the target audience
– Research industry and competition
– Create a logo that attracts and resonates with the target audience
– Develop and confirm branding elements such as typography, colour palettes and iconography
– Create marketing resources such as business cards, stationary, presentation template and LinkedIn skin

Other assets:

– Create website visuals with clear navigation
– Stylescape to showcase how brand works across various online and offline mediums

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