Skylark Meadow


Life is busy. And we need to recharge our batteries – often by taking a holiday. From busy modern families to young professionals, there are many options on the market. But what about a stay closer to home? Could a hotel that promises balance, wellbeing and good times be enough to attract their target audience?

More than just a getaway, Skylark Meadow had a vision of a luxury hotel – without the ‘fancy fluff’. But they needed someone to help them realise this vision through clear branding and careful marketing strategy – so their audience would put their trust in them to help them unwind, recharge and relax.

With so many holidays options, how do you convince the busy modern family your hotel offers the best experience?


When marketing a hotel, you are doing so much more than selling a service. You’re selling an experience – an experience that your target audience will treasure. Understated luxury combined with the simple pleasures of country living was the message central to this hotel brand – and we needed to bring this to life.

We created a brand built on modern-day wellbeing: feel-good walks with the dog, boots at the door, crackling fires, adventurous hikes, fulfilling food and good times with loved ones. From the website design to the hotel merchandise, we wanted to welcome guests in a relaxed style – and make them become ‘fans’ of the hotel’s ethos and culture, rather than just the hotel itself.