More than ever before, we’re realising the importance of keeping on top of our own health and wellbeing. We wanted to create a brand that incorporates both the urban jungle and getting fit, so you can work out in the fresh air and don’t have to subscribe to a gym membership.

StreetFit is an urban training brand, created to promote fitness training for everyone in the urban environment, with online fitness classes – so you can work out anytime, anywhere.

Our challenge was to develop a visual identity through branding and design for an urban training brand that needs to look and feel real with a focus on becoming strong, whilst incorporating a sense of community and inclusivity.

We wanted StreetFit’s visual identity to reflect elements you would find in the urban environment. Choosing and styling footage to show physicality and urban materials, we infused the supporting visuals with realism and inclusivity to represent both physical movement and the landscape.

Our logo has a bold, blocky aesthetic that feels similar to outdoor city signage, finished with a texture to represent urban materials like concrete and tarmac. It fuses “Street” and “Fit” together to create a compact and punchy logo in keeping with the nature and pace of urban fitness training.

We created interactive billboards that make it easier than ever to get your body moving in the great outdoors, featuring QR codes that you scan to join the StreetFit revolution – and of course get access to workouts designed to be performed in your environment.

A soft colour palette is paired with imagery that represents realism and inclusivity that highlights the real sense of community that this brand offers to its users. A lot of the imagery is black and white, complemented by the core colours to strengthen brand awareness and emphasise the positivity and wellbeing around the brand.

We designed Instagram stories that have an inspirational feel to them, featuring real people
who are a part of the StreetFit revolution with imagery that gives a sense of ‘being in the
moment’ – perfectly representing the brand’s ethos of working out anytime, anywhere.

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