Watt Car Magazine

The journey of a stunning editorial car magazine, from conception to launch

By 2026 it is estimated that one-fifth of car sales in the UK will be electric. As electric vehicles become less of a futuristic idea and more of a reality, demand for quality information and content is growing. To solve this need, we had to create a stand-out magazine design that’s both informative and entertaining.

Sector: Publishing/Automotive

Client Background: Publication aiming to give the same treatment that supercars/racing cars currently get to all aspects of electric car ownership.

Target audience: People aged 30-50 that are interested in renewable energy, tech and the joy of driving

Our Expertise:

Graphic Design
Editorial (copywriting)
Marketing Resources

Brand project: Magazine Creation & Marketing Resources


Define message and evolve brand
Provide marketing/launch materials
Create a visual identity that can be used across multiple mediums

Our approach:

Understand the target audience
Research industry and competition
Create a publication that attracts and resonates with the target audience
Develop and confirm branding elements such stylisation, font and layout
Create marketing resources such as promotional merchandise and billboards for launch

 Other assets

Create digital marketing campaign, e.g. Instagram stories

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