Spotlight on… Kate H

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Hello! I am Kate and started working at Starbots about 5 months ago now; it feels like a lot longer than that as everyone has made me feel so welcome!

I’m not too sure where to begin but I will start with the love of my life… horses! I started riding at the age of 8 and haven’t stopped since! Much to the misfortune of my mum and dad who could have brought about 30 horses by now with the amount of lessons I had at the riding school when I was a child. I’m sure they would tell anyone; don’t let your daughter have their first lesson, because it will never end!

I ride 4/5 times a week after work and at the weekend meaning my poor family and partner don’t get to see me as often as they would like, I definitely think I spend more time with the horse “Sprinter”. He is an Arab X and can be quite highly strung when he wants to be! … he definitely keeps me on my toes. We go to shows, compete in dressage, working hunter and love going for a gallop or hacking to the pub with my friends and their horses.

Now a bit about my career history… I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and studied at Derby University, during this time I lived at home as it’s far too cosy to leave! I love my homely comforts. Plus I couldn’t leave the horse behind along with all my friends. Fortunately, my partner is also a graphic designer so we shared our university experience.

My first ever job was working with horses when I was 16, but then opted for a career change to be a barista at Costa Coffee which kept me earning to fund my car and riding during school, college and university. I worked there for about 5 years but then left as I got my degree, I don’t actually even like coffee but it was good fun.

I then went on to work at JCB in the Graphic Design department as an intern, which taught me a lot about the industry, and now I’m here at Starbots! This is the best place I’ve worked, as everyone is so helpful and kind. We all work so well together as a team and it’s a lovely environment to be in. I am still learning new things all the time and love coming to work.

So that’s me, thank you for reading!

Kate x