Case study: Branding Stephanie Ward Hairdressing

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Stephanie was recommend to come to us for the branding of her new business. There wasn’t much time as the grand opening was in two weeks and she had wasted valuable time with a design agency that hadn’t listened to her.

Here is the branding we delivered …

How did we get there?

We dig deeply into every project we touch. We learn all we can about you, your competitors and your wider market. And then we hold a brainstorm in truest sense of the word to generate fresh thinking and top-line ideas to knock your socks off.

By listening to Stephanie’s ideas, wants and wishes we delivered a full suite of branding and marketing material in full and on time for her grand opening.

Here is what Stephanie said about her experience of working with Starbots Creative, specifically whether we achieved our own 5 point pledge …

Fed up of being sold bells and whistles that you don’t want? We believe in working exactly as you need us and no more.
“From my initial meeting with Emma, she listened to exactly what I wanted, my likes and dislikes.  Emma also made recommendations that I wouldn’t of thought about”

We let you deal with your designer, when you want to. No excuses.
“I then was dealing with each member of the team and they all did such a great job.  Nothing was too much trouble, we bounced ideas back and fourth.  It didn’t take long before they came up with what I wanted.

Tired of completing essays every time you need to brief in work? We will receive a brief in any format, phone, note, text message.
“All the costing was set out from the start and when I added extras [over the phone, text or email] I was updated with the price very promptly.

Tired of hearing why your deadlines can’t be met? If it can be done, we’ll do it
“Every time I called I managed to speak to the person I required.  The whole process has been like a dream. It is nice to have the contact with real people face to face and also over the phone”

We don’t micro manage your account – but we do pride ourselves in looking after you to make your life easier
“The staff at Starbots couldn’t of been more efficient and helpful”

So, did we meet our own five point pledge?
“Starbots have met there five point pledge and I would definitely recommend this company to anybody. They took the hassle away and provided me with an excellent service. Great job! “


We worked our magic and delivered the branding the client wanted ready for her grand opening.

Stephanie Ward Hairdressing is located at 456 Hartshill Road.