Six steps to choosing the right team and succeeding with your marketing strategy

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Your marketing strategy is only as good as the people in your team. That’s what we believe at Starbots. An ideal line-up consists of motivated, enthusiastic individuals, who can communicate effectively and possess a diverse range of skills. We could all learn a few lessons from Stoke City F.C. and manager Mark Hughes. Judging by their last performance against Southampton the club has a decent chance of finishing well in the league table. Why? Because Hughes is developing his best team.

We’ve come up with our super 6 to help you choose the right team to succeed with your marketing strategy.

Assess. Every leader should start by evaluating each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask questions like; ‘What are they good at?’ ‘Have they got the required experience?’ and ‘What is their best attribute and how is it valuable to the company?’ Your team is the key to delivering your marketing messages successfully, so it’s important to employ people with the right skills.

marketing strategy 2Capability. Whilst developing your marketing strategy, keep in mind the capabilities of your team members. We’re not talking about their individual skills, but about the skills and resources of the team as a whole and how they are distributed. Greater diversity means it’s easier to manage projects, resulting in a greater chance of success.

Allocate. Decide who would perform best for each role. Getting this part right is crucial. Don’t ask someone who’s uncomfortable with public speaking to work in client relations. Place someone confident and outgoing as the face of your company. If you were Mark Hughes, you wouldn’t choose Erik Pieters to be striker. You would put Jesé in that position because he has good instincts, an eye for opportunity, and is a quick thinker.

Outsource. For any task or project that needs a specialist, but where your team lacks expertise and knowledge, then you should seriously consider outsourcing. This is where using an experienced external agency can be more effective than using an in-house department. You can hire them for a specific project and be assured that people with the right skillset and experience will be working on it.

marketing strategy 3Monitor. Once you’ve worked out the logistics, monitor the progress and results of your marketing team. If you aren’t attracting customers, it’s important to understand where things aren’t working. Is it as simple as rearranging your resources, or do you need a specialist to handle a particular aspect of marketing, such as graphic design?

Reassess. Football managers continuously assess the outcome of training sessions and matches, especially after a loss, so they can adjust their tactics when something isn’t working. Marketing managers and business owners should always be doing the same to improve business and strengthen strategy.

Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself with a brilliant group of marketing professionals that can create and deliver compelling marketing messages. If your business wants an expert graphic designer, or needs help with brand creation and marketing strategy, contact us to see what we can do for you.