Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions detailed below are legally binding to any organisation or person that chooses to use the services of Starbots Creative Limited. The term ‘Client’ is deemed to be any organisation or person using our services. The terms ‘us’ and ‘we’ are deemed to be Starbots Creative Limited.

General Working Agreement

All work that we design and create remains the property of Starbots Creative until paid for in full. When we design your logo, website or a printed piece of literature, we will often provide alternative designs/layouts. Only the final logo, published website or artwork for the printed article is assigned to the client.

Before a project begins Starbots Creative ask that all copy, bespoke images and briefs are provided up front. Any changes to the copy, bespoke images or briefs after the project has begun may incur extra costs that will be communicated to the client at the time.When a client instructs Starbots Creative to work on a project, we ask that the client answers any communication from us in a timely manner. If a period of 30 days elapses without a response from the client, we may at our discretion terminate the project. In this instance, the client will be responsible for the payment of any work carried out to date on the project, and any losses incurred by Starbots Creative.

Authors amends

When we present our first set of visuals for a project, we allow time within our quote for a set of amends, as we appreciate that it is often difficult to get things totally right the first time round. There is no charge for this first set of amends. The word amends refers to, corrections to text due to spelling/grammar mistakes and changes to the general styling/design of the project. However, if the client requires replacement of text/images, or any alterations that differ from the original brief, then these are classed as Authors amends and will be chargeable to the client. We will advise the client if this circumstance occurs and re-quote for the work involved. Any further amends, after the first set of amends, are also considered authors amends and will, therefore, be chargeable to the client.

In the unlikely event of negligence on our part or misinterpretation of a brief, Starbots Creative total liability to the client under any circumstance will not exceed the net amount invoiced for any damaged, defective or undelivered items.


When we present finished visuals for a project we will ask for verbal or written sign-off of the job. Once sign-off is confirmed we will, where applicable, put the project into print or production. After this time it might not be possible for Starbots Creative to stop the print or production process. In this instance, the client will be responsible for the payment of any print or production carried out to date on the project, and any losses incurred by Starbots Creative.

Photography and Imagery

Bespoke photography/images taken by our photographers are intended for the exclusive use by the client. The client may not sell, lease or loan these images without our permission.

Stock photography obtained from royalty free image websites/libraries are purchased by us for a specific job/project. They are licences for one use only. If multiple use of the imagery is required, you will need to make us aware of this prior to our purchase of the images, as we will need to purchase an extended licence agreement for the image, which will allow you to use the image on multiple projects. If the client is in breach of this agreement, and the ‘royalty free image websites/libraries’ take legal action, Starbots Creative, will not be held responsible for the client’s actions.


All accounts to be paid in full (including VAT) within 14 days from the date of our invoice. Payment terms will be clearly stated on your invoice. For new customers, we may ask for 50% of the total invoice amount to be paid up front and the remainder to be paid on completion of the job. These terms will be clearly stated on our quotation.

Failure to pay in full within the designated time period, at our discretion, may result in interest being charged to the invoiced amount. The interest charge will be 8% above the Bank of England base rate and will be charged monthly until the invoice is paid in full, part month will qualify as a full month for the purposes of the calculation.

Failure to make payment will result in legal action.

Completed Work(s)

Upon completion of all website design, development and population all commercial arrangements will need to be settled prior to Starbots Creative handing over any files in relation to the website and/or putting the site/changes live. Should the client wish for Starbots Creative to host the website, Starbots Creative will only upload the beta version of the website to a live server once instructed to do so by the client. Prior to the website going live the client will need to have settled all outstanding commercial arrangements in relation to the original project terms and paid the relevant Hosting Service fee.

Our Website

All text, images and content of this website are and remain the property of Starbots Creative. It is illegal to download, reproduce, use any images that appear on this website for advertising or commercial purposes without written consent from us:

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