A winning week at Starbots!

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

It’s been a winning week for the team at Starbots Creative…

Let’s start with our X-factor(y) success!

An opportunity arose for the Starbot’s team to take center stage in Signal 1’s “X-Factory”. It’s an opportunity for local businesses to take part in a light-hearted karaoke session on live radio to win breakfast courtesy of Wrights Pies.

As a team we brainstormed classic karaoke songs that put us in good stead of winning the delicious prize for the team. So many suggestions were proposed from the Spice girls to Fresh prince of bel air, however after much deliberation we came to the conclusion of attempting “Hey Jude”.

A classic.

None of us are professional singers or claim to be but we knew we would definitely give it a good go!

HOWEVER (and also our other winning news at Starbots)

On the morning of our slot on Signal One, amazingly Kate went into labor with her beautiful little girl! This meant, understandably, the team were left with a less than impressive number of participants. Linzi, Sylvie and myself, were panicking as we weren’t quite as confident in our little trio. Nevertheless we plucked up the courage and just a few minutes before Jonty and Louise turned up we practiced our chosen song “Say my name” Destiny’s Child (having decided that the rap in ‘Crazy in Love’ was better left to Jay-z)

Performing on the radio was great fun; I thought we sounded ok, very surprisingly after the lack of practice! The next day arrived and the votes were in…. Before we knew it, Johnty from Signal One was knocking at the door clutching an enormous bag filled full of Wrights pies! Yum. We couldn’t believe people had actually voted for us and we had won! (apparently we had good harmonies). All that was left to do was to give a humble acceptance speech on the radio and eat our pies, which were delicious.

Everyone in the office is normally on some sort of diet but we all couldn’t resist the temptation! Thank you to Wrights Pies for the delicious prize, and to everyone that voted for us. Finally thank you again to Signal 1, we had a great time and it was lovely meeting the team.

Kate H