Appetite Header image with photography from Arts events


The Brand

We needed to tell the story of the city, breaking away from the stereotypes of a post-industrial landscape and one of regeneration, creative spirit and cultural richness. Appetite work closely with a whole range of talented artists across a breadth of genres so the brand needed to be more about connecting with the people around the city who could see it as an emblem for entertainment and art. It also needed to appeal to a broad range of ages, from young teens, to family bases, young professionals and older audiences. Flexibility and fresh thinking was essential to test how this would resonate across different touch points, a variety of events and to a diverse audience.

Appetite logo in blue
Appetite Event Guide for 'The big feast festival 2019' Event spread
Appetite photograph of performer at an outdoor event with audience surrounding Man in suit spraying water
Appetite Photograph of puppeteers performing in front of audience in field
Appetite Event Guide for 'The big feast festival 2019' close up of spread
Appetite Event Guide for 'The big feast festival 2019'
Appetite Event Guide for 'The big feast festival 2019' Spread
Appetite Photography of 2 dance performers female dancer leaning back as male dancer holds her

“The ability held by Starbots Creative to interpret our briefs and to deliver content that clearly represents the themes of our shows and events is second to none.”

Gary Cicinskas, Marketing Manager Appetite

Appetite Event 'Light Night' logo
Appetite Event 'Light Night' larger format poster
Appetite Event 'Light Night' larger format bus shelter poster
Appetite Event 'Light Night' social media post
Appetite Event 'Circolombia' Leaflet front and back
Appetite Brand guidelines
Appetite exhibition design with timeline of events
Appetite 'Water Fools' Event billboard

“Starbots have been providing design services for Appetite’s marketing and comms campaigns since the start of our programme, developing engaging, fresh and appealing brands for Appetite and our events including The Big Feast festival. We have been continually impressed by the quality and consistency of their designs, their flexibility with our timescales and needs, and their commitment to Appetite’s work. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Kat Boon, Project manager Appetite