Growing a brand: Infographics & animation

Making cycling viable, safer and better is at the heart of the BikeRight! philosophy. Sharing its story needed to go beyond a few lines and bring what BikeRight! does to life. Our mission was to tell a vibrant tale to show the breadth of what they do and the impact they have, in order for them to continue their growth and reach.

The Message

A good infographic can say a thousand words and we worked with BikeRight! to understand what their focal messages were in order to bring them to life through the use of infographics and short, sharp messages. They also needed an accessible way to share their story online and through their social channels so we developed an animation to bring it all to life and focus on the headline messages they wanted to promote.

“The animated version takes things to another level and makes a wonderfully informative and rich asset which is ideal for use across social channels and on our corporate website. ”

Andy Tucker Marketing Manager BikeRight! Ltd