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Evolve the brand and position the business

Back in 2009 when Starbots Creative was two people in a small office, one of the first branding projects we worked on was Mounsey Chartered Surveyors identity. Now in 2019, the two businesses have again come together to evolve the brand and its digital identity.

Following a brand diagnostic workshop with several of the Mounsey team, we began to evolve the brand that had served them well for nearly ten years.

Our brief was clear. Freshen the brand and create a new visual platform so that their marketing could accelerate in 2019. Like our journey, Mounsey chartered surveyors had grown in size and stature, and they wanted a brand that reflected their core values of innovation and industry knowledge.

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Increasing engagement and relevance

Alongside the brand evolution, we worked with the Mounsey team to identify areas of opportunity that could be pushed to increase the reach of their marketing. Part of this process included creating avatars of their perfect clients and designing targeted campaigns. With complete focus, we’ve positioned the Mounsey brand offering around this small group of individuals.

Throughout 2019 we have campaigns planned to show how the Mounsey team are the best choice for solving their target market’s most significant problems. With the aim of making it impossible for them not to feel the value of the brand.

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The Results

The rebrand and subsequent marketing plan have galvanised the Mounsey team and given them a real buzz. The brand and its team have grown significantly over 9 years and the rebrand better represents the dynamic team they’ve become. In addition, they have also seen increased engagement with the brand on social channels and the brand refresh has also reopened communication with previous clients.

In 2020 we launched their new website – featuring property feed integration with Surga Central, shortlist property PDF generation and 360 virtual tours.

See the live site here

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“Starbots have assisted my business in a range of brand, design and marketing strategy matters and I am both impressed with their creativity and the end results. I would highly recommend.”

Richard mounsey, Managing director and owner Mounsey Chartered Surveyors

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