Working hard for something we love

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion” – Simon Sinek


As Starbots continued to grow Kate and Emma found the need for a new role. A role that would improve the businesses internal process and make working with Starbots easier and more enjoyable. I had reached a point in my career at Roberts Bakery where I had developed my own role so much that the challenge was waning. I applied for a planning role and Thomas international were hired to test my perceptual speed, number speed, reasoning, word meaning and spatial visualisation. The final test was a series of questions to assess my Personal profile that were surprisingly accurate.

I handed over the results of the test to Kate after we had been discussing how accurate the results of the tests were despite my concerns that the questions were vague. A few days later we were preparing dinner in the kitchen and Kate asked a question that would change the course of our lives “Would you work at Starbots?” Kate asked the question to test the water as we had casual thought about it months ago. I immediately said “I would love to work with you and Emma, but it will never happen”.

That was it the seed was planted. Kate took the Thomas International assessments and went away to discuss them with Emma and several mentors and advisors. Over the next month the seed we had planted began to sprout, to the point where I was writing up my letter of resignation.

Roberts Bakery offered me a couple of assurances of promotion to see if I would stay. I didn’t take the decision lightly. It was a lovely place to work, with a dedicated workforce and good employee benefits. But I had a moment, a moment to seize control of my working life and get involved in something fantastic.

It’s been 5 weeks now and I’ve realised how much I have to learn about the creative industry … but I love it. We are still in the ‘storming’ phase where we are learning how my role fits into the business. We feel confident that a husband, wife and sister in law can work together efficiently. Most of all we trust each other implicitly and have a common goal. To work for something we love and love being at work.